Tax Compliance

Included in Tax compliance is the calculation of a client's tax liabilities to SARS and possible credits from SARS, keeping track of all transactions and deadlines for submissions and payments and adhering to it.

You need to ensure tax compliance for various taxes which includes: income tax, VAT, donations tax, dividend tax, etc. With our experience and quality service we can lessen this burden.

Some of our fields of expertise:

  • Non-residents
  • Residents with non-South African income
  • All legal entities eg. Trusts, Companies, Non-Profit Organisations
  • Simplified and complex transactions and their tax implications


Franco van der Westhuizen
Thanks a million - you guys are legends!
IS Ferreira
IS Ferreira
I have known Pieter Esterhuizen for over ten years in his capacity as my accountant and financial advisor. His sound and very professional financial advice has always been outstanding. He and his firm is dynamic, trustworthy and very loyal to me as a client. It is an honour and privilege for me to be associated with Pieter and LUMENROCK.
Chris Roodt
Chris Roodt
I am the Managing Director of various legal entities; varying from agriculture to residential and business developments. For the past six years Pieter Esterhuizen has been involved with all, baring one, legal entity. I have always received excellent service from Pieter and I am impressed with his personal knowledge of all spheres of business, as well as his professional and speedy response to quer...



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