Offshore Trusts


A unique combination of benefits offered by international trusts are asset protection and access to world-wide networks of double tax treaties in addition to zero to relatively low tax on income or capital, depending on jurisdiction.


LUMENROCK specializes in the creation and administration of trusts in various jurisdictions under their respective legislation and applicable double tax treaties. We offer trustee services either by acting as trustees or by assisting our clients with the preparation, setting up and administration of the trust. We also maintain professional trustees to act as trustees for any kind of trusts.

We offer trust services which cover a wide variety of corporate and private trust services. We establish different types of trusts according to the client's personal circumstances and requirements, which may include asset protection, tax planning and inheritance planning.

Through our network of tax experts and our other associates in GMN International we have access to almost every jurisdiction internationally. Taking into account current legislation and Double Taxation Agreements we, at the moment, prefer working with trust structures in Cyprus, but this is constantly revised, taking into account changes in legislation, double taxation agreements, governments etc.

Also keep your eye on this section, we may announce some interesting news on our own international structures in the coming months!

Please feel free to contact us for any advice on how trusts may be used in your financial planning or the financial planning of your corporation or family.



Nasiegh Humdaly
Ignus Kempen served on the Southern Region Council whilst Pieter Esterhuizen was in his first term 2010/2011 on SAICA’s Southern Region Council. They achieved this by virtue of the fact that they were chairman of SAICA’s Southern Cape District association representing the interests of all the CA’s (SA) resident in the Southern Cape area.
Kruger Human
Marakalalo Safaris Trust
On behalf of Marakalalo Safaris Trust, we want to thank LUMENROCK for the outstanding advice and services rendered to the business. We value the honesty, professionalism and very high ethical standards of the company, directors and staff. It is a pleasure and honour to be associated and to do business with LUMENROCK.
Gerrit and Agnes Kirsten
Gerrit and Agnes Kirsten
We would like to thank Jaco van Niekerk for his financial advice and assistance in setting up our retirement options, and are looking forward to a longstanding business relationship with him and LUMENROCK Financial Consultants. We appreciate his honesty and sincerity and the professional way in which everything was done. - See more at:



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