International Taxation

Our team of taxation experts and independent professional associates, specialising in various fields of tax and business worldwide, can provide tax consultation on international tax issues and efficiently and precisely set out a strategy to mitigate your ongoing liability, legally, both nationally and internationally, taking into account the bigger picture.

By identifying the relevant local law considerations we can assist in structuring cross border investments and acquisitions, establish holding corporate structures, repatriation and exit planning.

In short, we, through our own expertise and our team of associates, have the knowledge and expertise to solve your international multi-jurisdictional tax issues in a timely, cost effective, legal and straight forward way.

Our tax professionals assist you in providing tax efficient solutions for your national and international business operations. We study your existing structure and will suggest ideas to better those structures to minimize taxation and protect your assets in all jurisdictions. This could involve the use of International Business Companies, International Trusts or other offshore tax vehicles.

We use, inter alia, International Agreements for the Avoidance of Double Taxation, EU Directives and relevant legislation in the jurisdictions involved. We also specialize in identifying tax efficient holding company and international trust jurisdictions.

Through our network of tax experts and our other associates in GMN International we have access to almost every jurisdiction internationally. Taking into account current legislation and Double Taxation Agreements we, at the moment, prefer working with structures in Cyprus, BVI, Seychelles and Singapore, but this is constantly revised, taking into account changes in legislation, double taxation agreements, political and economic stability etc.

Also keep your eye on this section, we may announce some interesting news on our own international structures in the coming months!



Kruger Human
Marakalalo Safaris Trust
On behalf of Marakalalo Safaris Trust, we want to thank LUMENROCK for the outstanding advice and services rendered to the business. We value the honesty, professionalism and very high ethical standards of the company, directors and staff. It is a pleasure and honour to be associated and to do business with LUMENROCK.
Willie Esterhuizen
Relationship Executive: Commercial / Absa Retail a
Absa Bank has been associated with LUMENROCK (and previously KSE & Associates) for many years. We are very proud and privileged to be the bankers of a professional group like LUMENROCK – that really adds value to all their customers’ financial affairs. Pieter Esterhuizen has always demonstrated the highest levels of integrity and it is a real pleasure dealing with each and every one at LUM...
IS Ferreira
IS Ferreira
I have known Pieter Esterhuizen for over ten years in his capacity as my accountant and financial advisor. His sound and very professional financial advice has always been outstanding. He and his firm is dynamic, trustworthy and very loyal to me as a client. It is an honour and privilege for me to be associated with Pieter and LUMENROCK.



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