An audit is an accounting procedure where a company’s business accounts and financial records are closely inspected, corrected and verified by an independent accountant to ensure that they are accurate.

The Companies Act 2008 (effective May 2011), states that private companies must calculate their public interest score yearly to determine if they need to be audited. A company's public interest score is calculated using turnover, number of employees and the amount of third party debt.

All public companies must be audited.

Advantages of an Audit:

  • Satisfying third party requirements (e.g. banks)
  • Possible reporting on and guarding against fraud and error
  • Audited financials provide for a reliable basis for the valuation of businesses
  • Giving assurance to employees, costumers, suppliers, trade unions and other interested parties to the quality of information presented
  • The insight of an expert (the auditor) on profitability, BBBEE transactions and various other matters

All audit and assurance assignments are co-ordinated by LUMENROCK and conducted by LDSW Inc.




Kruger Human
Marakalalo Safaris Trust
On behalf of Marakalalo Safaris Trust, we want to thank LUMENROCK for the outstanding advice and services rendered to the business. We value the honesty, professionalism and very high ethical standards of the company, directors and staff. It is a pleasure and honour to be associated and to do business with LUMENROCK.
Carl Lategan
Carl Lategan, Alistar (bio-fuel industry)
I make use of your excellent service of having a virtual office for administration, making a start-up company a breeze. - See more at:
BD Boshoff
Director: Bernhoff Boerdery
Pieter Esterhuizen (prior KSE and now LUMENROCK) has been our auditor for the past 17 years. He was the accountant for several of our companies in property development, as well as the farming sector. It was during this period of time that he distinguished himself as a unique financial advisor, who is always capable of doing what is best for each and every company – in every possible situation. H...



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