Company & Trust Formations

We provide company and trust formation services and have considerable experience in our group and also direct access to a variety of experts in this field.

Although you may be told that buying a shelf company may not be the correct thing to do, this all depends on your own situation, your plans and expectations. When speed is of the essence we rather suggest buying a shelf company through us, which company we then tailor for your specific situation, by changing all the relevant details to yours, getting it ready for registrations with SARS and other governmental institutions and then afterwards changing the MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation) to fit your specific needs. We can obviously form a company, in al the different forms allowed by the Company’s Act, from scratch for you or buy a normal shelf company and change it into the company you would prefer and/or need.

We advise shareholders to get professional advice about the structure of the company and provisions in the company’s Memorandum of Incorporation, and shareholders’ agreement, if necessary, from the outset.

With regard to trust formation the same principles and information apply as the above and we have been forming trusts for decades. Although trust law is as old as the mountains, the situation around it  changes every day and we plan several new changes to our approach to trust formation and management and will advise you in due course. Keep your eyes on this page.

Always plan ahead!




Carl Lategan
Carl Lategan, Alistar (bio-fuel industry)
I make use of your excellent service of having a virtual office for administration, making a start-up company a breeze. - See more at:
Kruger Human
Marakalalo Safaris Trust
On behalf of Marakalalo Safaris Trust, we want to thank LUMENROCK for the outstanding advice and services rendered to the business. We value the honesty, professionalism and very high ethical standards of the company, directors and staff. It is a pleasure and honour to be associated and to do business with LUMENROCK.
Franco van der Westhuizen
Thanks a million - you guys are legends!



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