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How to cope with ongoing uncertainty

Extracted by Jaco van Niekerk of LUMENROCK from a commentary by Jeanette Marais, director of distribution and client service, Allan Gray, first published in Gray Issue on 24 May 2017


“There is nothing certain but the uncertain.”


Over the past year there have been plenty of painful reminders that we have no control over what happens in the world. And there doesn’t seem to be any clarity waiting in the wings. So, does this mean we have to get used to living in this highly uncertain state? And how do we cope with it?

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New insurance cover for SARS tax audits

We're always on the lookout for our valued clients, so we are drawing your attention to a growing risk: the possibility of being investigated by the South African Revenue Service (SARS)


You're probably thinking your accountant can take care of it if the need arises, and that your tax affairs are up to date anyway. The reality is that you needn't have done anything wrong to be selected for audit. Did you know that 1.8-million of South Africa's 20-million taxpayers were subjected to tax enquiries in one year?

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I Just Can’t Help Believin…

An article by Shaun McDade, Managing Director & Head of Portfolio Management, Miton Optimal Guernsey, published 12 May 2016


In 1977, just prior to “The King’s” untimely passing, 170 people were earning a living as Elvis Presley impersonators worldwide. Twenty years later, their number had increased to 85,000 and experts were predicting that, by 2019, half the world’s population would be Elvis impersonators.

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Our partnership with Miton Optimal delivering returns for investment clients

By Jaco van Niekerk CFP®, Senior Financial Advisor, LUMENROCK Financial Consultants,12 May 2016

At LUMENROCK we always strive to give our clients the best possible professional advice and service. Our clients expect it from us! When considering investments, we want our clients to have confidence in our advice and management of their investment portfolios. Therefore, we use only the best fund managers when constructing tailor made portfolios for our clients.

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Life assurance claims and the Ombud for long term insurance

By Jaco van Niekerk CFP®, Senior Financial Advisor, LUMENROCK Financial Consultants,12 May 2016


Whenever I meet with clients regarding life assurance, or when one speaks to family and friends about experiences with life or short term companies, the issue of the repudiation of claims often arises. There seems to be a common perception that companies are looking for ways not to pay claims. I therefore thought it a good idea to share a case study from the office of the Ombud for long term insurance’s newsletter #33 of April 2016.

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Strap yourself in for a bumpy ride

By Jaco van Niekerk CFP®, Senior Financial Advisor: LUMENROCK Financial Consultants


At a time of the year when we all are looking forward to well earned rest and quality time with friends and family, recent events in our own political and economic landscape necessitate that we communicate to our clients in a timeous manner.

Many of you are asking yourselves a few uncomfortable questions regarding your investments as well as the future for our economy. So what are the issues at hand at the moment?

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Nasiegh Humdaly
Ignus Kempen served on the Southern Region Council whilst Pieter Esterhuizen was in his first term 2010/2011 on SAICA’s Southern Region Council. They achieved this by virtue of the fact that they were chairman of SAICA’s Southern Cape District association representing the interests of all the CA’s (SA) resident in the Southern Cape area.
JB van der Westhuizen
Chairman: Various Companies
The Van Der Westhuizen Group of Companies has been associated with LUMENROCK (as well as previously with KSE & Associates and Mr Pieter Esterhuizen in his personal capacity) as our auditors for almost a decade. Their services have been of an extremely high professional standard and we are proud to be associated with the group. Their availability and friendly assistance have been immaculate.
Gerrit and Agnes Kirsten
Gerrit and Agnes Kirsten
We would like to thank Jaco van Niekerk for his financial advice and assistance in setting up our retirement options, and are looking forward to a longstanding business relationship with him and LUMENROCK Financial Consultants. We appreciate his honesty and sincerity and the professional way in which everything was done. - See more at:



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