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June 2015 - 5 Star Winner

We would like to congratulate Erica Frans for winning the 5 star award for June 2015.

Anybody who has called in to our offices will have heard Erica's friendly voice. She is always helpful, professional and friendly. We have had numerous emails from clients praising her for the fantastic service she delivers.

Thank you Erica for being LUMENROCK 's voice and always making us proud.

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May 2015 - 5 Star Winners

With such a hardworking team, it is not easy to narrow down to one person for our 5 star award, and so for the Month of May 2015, we had TWO 5 star award winners,

Tanika Landman (left). Tanika worked after hours to assist with the IRP5 submissions, which isn't even part of her responsibilities.

She lightened the load of the Tax department and boosted the production, and still kept her own work up to date. Thank you Tanika, you are a true LUMENROCKer.

Our other winner is Landie Jordaan.

Landie was pregnant and her due date was end of May, she got special permission from her doctor to postpone her maternity leave in order to submit all IRP5s by end May deadline.

Thank you Landie,and congratulations on the birth of baby boy Jaco.

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We decided upon forever

For this fairy tale beginning, one has to go back in time. To "One day, long, long ago" when Frederich Muller and Maranatha Kruger were both still in high school, where their destined paths crossed. One of Maranatha's first impressions she made on Frederich was when she scored higher marks in a math test than him, after she was new to the school. However, Cupid hit the bullseye early on, and it didn't take long for Frederich asking Maranatha to "kys"


Fast forward to the 2nd of May 2015, where the “And they lived happily ever after” was celebrated in such style, that it was something to write back home about. As they both are magically creative, with Frederich bringing ideas to life that only Frederich knows how and, although Maranatha works in the accounting department at LUMENROCK, her input is always valued when it comes to the website, newsletters and events, one can only imagine what they can conjure up. The idyllic wedding took place at Idille, nested in the heart of the Garden Route, being as picturesque and

mysterious as only the Wilderness forest can be. And the soon to be Muller couple blendedright in with the surroundings and atmosphere.

The event kicked of with the epic song “Dear future husband”, which Maranatha dedicated to

Frederich. After the service, where Frederich needed some assistance on which way round the ring should go on, the guests were treated to mouth watering snacks. Unfortunately, although one would like to, one can’t repeat all the speeches, events and toasts, which included, amongst others, a recording of Frederich’s day as a superstar radio presenter hosting his own radio show and memories from their lives up to now, told firsthand by those who were there.

However, this fairytale has a little twist, like any award winning story should have. Their journey was not always plain sailing, moonshine and roses, as one would have liked it to be. After their initial romance, their paths separated for a brief period. As it was their fate to grow old together, their paths crossed yet again and the love flame rekindled, burning brighter and warmer than ever before, leaving no doubt about their future together. To such an extent that we can witness the beginning of their wonderful new journey together.Everyone at LUMENROCK knows it’s gonna ROCK!!!

March 2015 - 5 Star Winner

Jaco van Niekerk is our March 5-Star winner for organising the very successful Chicken Run Golf Challenge. The competition was a series of six events which ran from October 2014 to March 2015, held on scheduled Fridays as part of George Golf Club’s “sundowners". The golfers of George did not only enjoy this well-organised golf challenge, but the Chicken Run also served as a good marketing tool for LUMENROCK.

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February 2015 - 5 Star Winner !!

Brenda Muller is our February 5 Star winner for successfully taking on a daunting challenge at an already very busy financial year-end.

Because of unseen circumstances, Brenda's responsibilities suddenly increased to such an extent that it seemed impossible to finish in time. Brenda, you did incredibly well.

LUMENROCK is proud of you - you deserve this!




Hugo de Wet
Business Manager: Gijima
I have known Pieter Esterhuizen, the CEO of LUMENROCK, for more than 10 years. In this time he has been very involved in my business affairs. Pieter is always available to assist me whenever I need his advice. LUMENROCK is a trusted advisor. I trust and value their inputs when it comes to tax structuring or general business advice.
JB van der Westhuizen
Chairman: Various Companies
The Van Der Westhuizen Group of Companies has been associated with LUMENROCK (as well as previously with KSE & Associates and Mr Pieter Esterhuizen in his personal capacity) as our auditors for almost a decade. Their services have been of an extremely high professional standard and we are proud to be associated with the group. Their availability and friendly assistance have been immaculate.
BD Boshoff
Director: Bernhoff Boerdery
Pieter Esterhuizen (prior KSE and now LUMENROCK) has been our auditor for the past 17 years. He was the accountant for several of our companies in property development, as well as the farming sector. It was during this period of time that he distinguished himself as a unique financial advisor, who is always capable of doing what is best for each and every company – in every possible situation. H...



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